About Fullintel

Who We Are

Our analysts are not just running keyword searches and formatting email reports. Each one of our global industry analysts bring deep industry experience to every engagement, offering valuable insight and contextual analysis to all issues, crisis’ and campaigns of our clients.

Fullintel covers all aspects of your media monitoring, executive reporting and analysis requirements. We work with communications and PR professionals around the globe to ensure they have the most complete summary of their PR efforts and media coverage results, and deliver it to them in highly visual, graphical formats that executives and team members find compelling and insightful. We help marketing departments keep their brand top of mind amongst their stakeholders, prospects and customers, by giving them industry specific content that helps reinforce their thought leadership. And we help PR agencies deliver the most comprehensive media monitoring and analysis service possible to their clients. Our clients come from all industries in the private sector, government, and NGOs all over the world.

What do we do?

Our human curated media monitoring and analyst services give you the intelligence you need to make more informed business decisions, while also giving PR professionals the data points they need to showcase their successes and results.

Our clients receive relevant yet comprehensive analyst interpretation of their media impact curated into a dashboard for on-demand access, and richly-formatted reports that executive teams will actually read. We filter out the irrelevant noise across all types of media, including print, online, social, TV, and radio, fill in the missing monitoring gaps and provide detailed analytical interpretation of media outreach efforts with an ROI that is considerably higher than outsourcing to a PR firm or SaaS based platform.

Why Fullintel?

From our global network of offices, a Fullintel analyst is working on your account 24/7. While we leverage the best of the media monitoring software and content sources available in our industry, our customers choose Fullintel because of the human touch and industry intelligence we have brought back to the industry. Each dedicated account analyst works to truly understand your business and the nuances of your industry, and they bring this contextual understanding to the sites they suggest to be monitored, to the analysis and interpretation of your results and to the issues they suggest you should be watching unfold in your industry.

It’s our people that are the Fullintel difference.