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Executive News Briefs

Insightful news briefings
you’ll actually want to read

Your Fullintel analyst works to produce a graphic, richly-formatted email news brief with media coverage highlights and summary insights. These articles are hand-picked for relevancy and delivered to your inbox at the start of your day.

  • Summarized for quick reading
  • Choose your desired delivery times and frequency
  • Well designed reports that are share-worthy
  • Customized with your business logo, colors, and fonts

Get curated coverage

Your dedicated analyst will hand-pick the stories that matter most. Whether it be social, print, online, or broadcast, we will ensure your executive’s time is not wasted.


Be informed without reading every article

Quickly scan tending coverage results of recent company announcements and gauge perception of your organization.


Review effectiveness of efforts

Understand how effective your campaigns were across all media channels and easily showcase important results with stakeholders.

No irrelevant mentions

Your Fullintel analyst fully reviews all content, selecting only the most important results and transforming them into insights that are quick to read and easy to understand.


Delivered at the exact time you specify

Delivered to your inbox before the business day begins or throughout the day. Our analysts work 24/7 and are able to provide results on demand.

Personalize for different users

Individual team members can follow the work topics that interest them by personalizing their daily email brief.

Media Coverage Report

When issues and crisis hit, Fullintel analysts begin work immediately customizing your monitoring efforts to ensure adequate tracking, content curation for immediate analysis to provide intelligence and response planning.

The insight you will gain from a media coverage report includes:

Hand-picked each day by dedicated analysts

Each article included in your daily executive news brief will be hand selected by your expert media analyst.

On-demand access to search results

Results from new searches are always accessible within the web dashboard and can be distributed via email issue coverage briefs, at any desired frequency.

Contextual analysis of issue impact

Your analyst will collate and produce a detailed summary of the coverage and additional contextual details so that you can better understand the impact on your brand without having to read each article.

PR analytics

Receive a report including tone (assigned by a human, not a machine), list of sources and related articles, social media shares and related influencers, and estimates of the audience reached across traditional and social media.

Our other services

Media Monitoring

Get a view of your coverage across all channels including online news, broadcast, social, radio, and even premium subscription services

Media Analysis

Leverage the expertise of your dedicated Fullintel analyst for interpretation of your coverage and the impact on your brand.

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