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Gauge Message Effectiveness with Comprehensive Media Coverage Analysis

While most executives understand the value PR adds to a business, it’s not always fully appreciated. As result, it's necessary to illustrate the impact of what news is published, the magnitude of its audience, the way in which your messages are interpreted and how your brand reputation is being perceived. This media coverage analysis needs to be provided to your stakeholders in an efficient and digestable manner – wherever they are, on any device. For without demonstrating the power and potential of public relations and social media, you risk leaving valuable resources on the table and devaluing practices that can help the bottom line.

Analyze and showcase your results

Your Fullintel analyst concentrates on coverage that is relevant to your business, helping you report and showcase results while giving you additional business intelligence with narrative about what your results mean. Because they know your company and industry intimately, and act as an extension of your team, they are able to synthesize the results into a format that makes immediate sense to your stakeholders for better decision making.

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Fullintel analyst services at a glance

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Detailed Search Parameters

Your dedicated analyst will work with you to customize the search parameters, the media outlets covered and pick the type of information that is relevant for analysis.

Narrative on What Results Mean

Your analyst will review and interpret the data points, providing narrative on what the results mean for your business.

On-Demand Report Access

A fully-edited report is sent to your email inbox and is accessible at all times in the web dashboard.

Results Reviewed By A Person First

Analysts review all your coverage by hand including web, blog, online, social, print, broadcast and other identified content behind paywalls and subscriptions.

Appealing Data Tables and Graphs

Data tables are visually appealing and full colour, meaning you’ll want to share them and people will want to read them.

Timely Results and Analysis

Reports, charts and emails can be issued at any requested frequency.

Media intelligence REPORTS

Each Fullintel customer is unique, with different analysis and reporting requirements. Executive insight and analysis is different to that which your tactical PR team requires. Furthermore, when an issue or crisis breaks, or perhaps a product is launched by your marketing group, the media data collation and reporting will be substantially different – and appreciated by those specific groups only.

Media Impact report

Our most graphic and visually appealing report of them all. Most commonly used to report and analyze impact of coverage related specifically to an event, campaign, product launch, trade show attendance, earnings release, or opportunity within a specific time frame.

Your Fullintel analyst will hand curate your Media Impact Report and provide context and narrative to the content, using industry standard metrics to quantify effectiveness and showcase your impact on the business.

Insight you will gain from a Media Impact Report includes:

Share of Voice

Measure against your competition to better understand your where you stand.

Thought Leadership

Understand and measure the impact of your editorial influence against the competition.

Influencers, Journalists and Analysts

Know who is covering your brand and how much versus your competitors, so as to pinpoint key areas where relationships need to be strengthened.

Brand Reputation

Understand how your brand is being perceived and reported upon in the media, and proactively protect your most important asset.

Media Coverage report

Organizing one's media coverage is never a simple task. Least of all are the last-minute requests from executives to produce a coverage report for a meeting. With Fullintel, your reports are curated by media expert professionals, who go to painstaking lengths to ensure this time-consuming task is done for you - so you can focus on getting the coverage that counts.

Not only do our analyst prepared coverage reports save you time, but it gives your internal stakeholders and clients a document that simply illustrates the results of their efforts and metrics far more easily. They can be quickly produced as one-offs for events impacting your business, or prepared daily to track a competitor's campaign or earning's report.

Insight you will gain from a Media Coverage Report includes:

Brief Summary

Enough context on the story to save you from having to read every article.

Top Influencers

Identify those that are carrying your message forward.

Potential Reach

Review social media shares by your key influencers and estimates of audience reach across traditional and social media.

Related Stories

See syndicated sources and related articles., including reach metrics.


Get an immediate sense of tone of message.

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Instantly read the article in its native placement.

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