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Designed for a quick read of what's important. Tap to get insights, swipe to flip pages, collaborate with peers and share to social sites.


Human analysts
Your FullIntel analyst fully reviews the content and selects the most relevant to for your organization
About the author
All articles include up-to-date author details, including links to their social networks for you to engage.
Work topics
FullIntel will create and then sort articles to custom work topics such as company, business unit, products, competitors, industry issue or any other you choose.
Team collaboration
Work with your team, post comments to articles and receive notifications when others join in.
Personal topics
Individual team members can personalize their experience by selecting the work topics that interest them.
Social sharing
Quickly share articles by email or across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
Marked important
These 10-20 stories will provide a quick measure of the days' issues.
Save for later
Easily save articles to personalized folders.
Easy to read
FullIntel offers a clean reading experience optimized for productivity.
Analyst messaging
Message your FullIntel analysts with instruction for research on topics of interest.
Influencer Twitter Posts
Articles include trending tweets from your Influencers on the article topic.

FullIntel does it for you. Request a custom sample.


Would you like a customized business intelligence brief for your organization? Let FullIntel analysts create a sample for you. It's free.

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