Tired of Producing Lacklustre PR Reports with Little Depth?

Create Insightful Briefings Executives Will Want to Read

Making sure that you’re on top of and reporting the latest breaking news is absolutely essential in today’s media environment. Sharing this information with your CEO and stakeholders in a time effective and consumable manner is critical. Your Fullintel analyst works to produce a graphic, richly-formatted email news brief with media coverage highlights and summary insights, hand picked for relevancy and delivered to your inbox in the early hours of your morning.

CUSTOMIZED DAILY BRIEFINGS for the most demanding of executives

Get curated coverage

Let your dedicated analyst handpick the stories that matter, whether it be social, print, online or broadcast and ensure your executives time is not wasted.

Be informed without having to read every article

Quickly scan trending coverage results of recent company announcements and gauge perception of your company.

Review effectiveness of efforts

Gauge how effective your marketing and communications campaigns were across all media channels and showcase results with stakeholders.

Various layouts to leverage

Choose from templates with or without article images and table of contents, and media coverage reports that include syndication and reach details.

No Irrelevant Media Mentions Included

Your Fullintel analyst fully reviews all content, selecting the most important results and transforming them into insights that are quick and easy to read.

Delivered at the exact time you specify

Delivered and in your inbox before the business day begins or throughout the day. Our analysts work 24/7 and are able to prove reports upon demand.

Personalize news briefs for different users.

Individual team members can follow the work topics that interest them, personalizing their Daily Email Brief.

Great for newsletters

Collate and organize content around custom topics such as company, products or industry issue and utilise to keep customers informed and reinforce your thought leadership.

Daily Email News briefings

Get a head start on your day with an early morning snapshot and keep leaders informed about the day’s media landscape before it starts.

Most important mentions with images, summary, and link to sources.
Media coverage report with syndication and reach details.
Email brief with table of contents, most important mentions, summary and link to sources.
Email brief with no images, most important mentions, summary, and link to sources.

Daily Email News briefings

Get a head start on your day with an early morning snapshot and keep leaders informed about the day’s media landscape before it starts.


Daily ISSUE and CRISIS COVERAGE news briefs

When issues and crisis begin to impact your business, Fullintel analysts immediately jump to work, customizing your monitoring efforts to ensure adequate tracking, and curating of the content for immediate analysis, executive intelligence and response planning.


Once detected, issues are immediately monitored across all media sources as per your request – social, online news, print, broadcast, including content behind paywalls and social subscriptions.


Results from new search results are always accessible within the web dashboard and can be distributed via email issue coverage briefs, at any desired frequency.


Your dedicated analyst will collate and produce a detailed summary of the specific coverage with additional contextual details so you immediately understand the impact of the coverage on your brand, without having to read each article.


Report analytics include article tone (assigned by your human analyst, not a machine), list of syndicated sources and related articles, social media shares by key influencers, and estimates of the audience reached across traditional media and social media.

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